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Installing LED downlights

Are your lamps continually blowing? Are you fed up of having to change your downlight lamps or calling out an electrician because a transformer needs replacing?
I have been to many properties in Upminster where my customers need me to repair their faulty downlights. In most cases the lights are low voltage 12v lamps which use a transformer to convert the voltage. You can tell the lighting is low voltage by the pins on the lamps (see picture below)

These kinds of lights are prone to breaking down, if a lamp stops working I would check the following:

Outdoor and Garden Lighting Installer in Upminster

What does your garden look like at night? Do you have enough lighting to see down your garden if need be? Would you feel safer if you had some security lighting? Your garden has so much potential it can now be regarded as another room in your home. Over the last few years have seen an increase in people opting for decking in their gardens, after all it is low maintenance, versatile and allows friends to congregate in one area with the possibility of stylish lighting added.

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