RadAware RD1 PSU

RadAware RD1 PSU

The RadAware Mains Power Supply Adapter

If you want continuous monitoring and you have mains power available, then you can use our mains adapter instead of batteries. This has a connector that you attach to the internal RadAware battery connector instead of the 9 volt PP3 battery. If purchased with the RadAware at the same time, then we remove a small piece of the battery cover to allow the wire to pass through. If ordered separately, the instructions explain how you can do the same thing yourself.

Radaware mains power supply adapter – UK plug (type G)

Please note that, when set to sensitive, the RadAware sounded the alarm continuously when used with all the switched-mode mains adapters that we tested, due to the RF noise passing up the supply lead. Our linear power supply adapter uses a traditional 50/60 Hz transformer and works well with the RadAware.

Please note that the mains adapter weighs about 390g for postage/carriage.

RadAware RD1 PSU


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